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Handmade Matcha Bamboo Whisk

Handmade Matcha Bamboo Whisk

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Handmade Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk (chasen). Handmade from one piece of bamboo, this matcha tea whisk is the perfect tool for mixing your matcha into a tasty foamy froth.

  • The perfect matcha accessory to heighten your matcha experience: No other implement mixes matcha green tea powder as well as the ‘chasen’ bamboo whisk. You'll soon be saying, “Why didn’t I get the whisks sooner?”

  • Used for centuries: Whisking Matcha tea goes back centuries to the early Japanese Zen Buddhist Monks, take a mindful minute during your day and whisk up a beautiful frothy cup.

  • Handmade from a single piece of bamboo:  One piece of bamboo is cut to length and the outer part is peeled off. The remaining inside is delicately sliced into 80 pieces. To keep the fronds separated a thread is wound in between each individual frond - twice, and by hand!

  • Whisking brings out matcha's softer side: Whisking matcha green tea with the Bamboo Whisk aerates the matcha tea powder (think of decanting wine) thus mellowing the otherwise bitter tasting tannins. All matcha green tea tastes better when it has been whisked.

  • Do I need the whisk? Whisking really improves your entire matcha experience, and we think you're worth it!



Care Instructions

1. Place 1/2 tsp of matcha powder in your matcha bowl or mug.
2. Add 1 oz of hot, but not boiling water and make a thin paste.
3. Add 2 more ounces of hot water and whisk in a zigzag motion for perfectly frothy matcha every time.
4. Do not press down too hard on whisk, as it will shorten its lifespan. Rinse in hot water after every use.


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