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My Matcha Life

Matcha Accessories Bundle

Matcha Accessories Bundle

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Bundle and Save 10%! Our Matcha Green Tea Accessories Bundle gives you all the tools you need for making the perfect cup of matcha tea or matcha latte.

The Handmade Bamboo Whisk is cut from one single piece of fresh bamboo and carefully crafted to whisk your matcha into a yummy, creamy froth.

Its partner, the Whisk Holder, extends the life of your whisk by keeping it safe, dry and nicely curved in a perfect umbrella shape. Be sure to rinse your whisk after each use and return it to the whisk holder – umbrella side down – for a more efficient, longer lasting whisk.

Only traditional styled Matcha Bowls like this one gives you the precise depth and width needed for vigorous whisking and creamy froth. It comes in an attractive shiny shade of red and is always lead free.



Care Instructions

1. Place 1/2 tsp of matcha powder in your matcha bowl.
2. Add 1 oz of hot, but not boiling water and make a thin paste.
3. Add 2 more ounces of hot water and whisk in a zigzag motion for perfectly frothy matcha every time.
4. Do not press down too hard on whisk, as it will shorten its lifespan. place whisk umbrella side down over the whisk holder.
5. Rinse all items in hot water after every use.


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